CBS Virtual Studios

at the

CBS Broadcast Center

524 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019

VR Design Services - Virtual Reality done in Real Time
image of library shelves and stacks
image of urban office with vintage decor used as photo backdrop
image of anchor desk with basketball court behind it
model of swamp mangrove trees and cypress with sunset water
Nascar stadium model
Curved wall with sports graphics
Curved wall and hoop elements
large video screen and basketball surroundings
serpentine wall with motorcycle parts
living room set
gray anchor desk for BET show
large studio, multiple levels
We have been working in virtual reality for more than 20 years...

1996 - CBS News launched us into virtual scenery with the Election Coverage and the Virtual Data Space.

1998 - CBS News and "The Time 100" was a virtual set project that went on for 3 years, spanning the turn of the Millenium.

1999 - A little show called "MarketWatch Weekend" came along, attached to a website. We were given the opportunity to make something out of it... and we did for 5 years.

2001 - "CBS" came along, with the same story: a website wanting video shows.
2002-2006 - "Survivor Live," "Cover Girl," "CBS" and a whole host of other shows, all aimed at the web and broadcast television.
2011 - "Inside Edition" moves in, taking advantage of our Brainstorm virtual set system in Studio 45.
2012 - CBS Interactive starts series of "B2B" videos with clients such as Dell, HP, and SAP.
2013-2019 - More clients join our roster, Animal Planet, CCTV, Mainstream Media, and others.