CBS Virtual Studios

at the

CBS Broadcast Center

524 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019

Model Making Services for your VR Projects

Designing and creating 3D models that will run efficiently inside of a virtual environment requires people with special skills and experience.  We have the team for that.  We have made models for for CBS News, CBS Sports, Inside Edition, Animal Planet, BET and many other production companies.


Image of virtual set model for Animal Planet project

Making prototype models from 3D software like 3DS Max, SketchUp and Rhino are part of our skill set.  We have tons of experience making models for architecture, set design, prototype design, CNC routing, 3D printing and virtual scenery.







Rendering of microphone flag model created in 3DS Max and Rhino by Dennis Moyes- 2015

Models made from 3D scanning of real environments can be added into your virtual environment to create photo realistic interiors.






3D scan of utility room showing mesh structure - created using Autodesk Memento 

Real Scenery and Virtual Environments can be combined to create hybrid virtual reality environments for your production.





Production shot of set up in virtual studio for CBS interactive "hybrid set"  

We can provide optimization of existing 3D models for virtual environments.  Gargoyle sculpture scan by Dennis Moyes, shown on left in virtual environment- 2015