CBS Virtual Studios

at the

CBS Broadcast Center

524 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019

VR Studio Services-Virtual Reality done in Real Time
We invite you to call and learn about our cost-effective, comprehensive virtual studio at the CBS midtown Broadcast Center. 
We offer your production the cutting edge capacities of Brainstorm eStudio, our virtual set system, as well as the integrated satellite and TX systems of our Broadcast Center.
VR Studio Dimensions
49' W x 66' L x 18' H overall studio dimensions
30' W x 30' L x 18' H (or 900 sq. ft.) Greenscreen "box" (includes floor)

VR Equipment and Features


• ELC Switcher Automation unit with the Brainstorm eStudio and Unreel UX.


• Ultimatte for all cameras


• Vinten robotic control on all cameras


• Switcher: SONY MVS / 8000G, ME's are 2+ PGM/PST, Version 9.02, Standard 80IN/48 OUt, Wired 51 IN/ 24 OUT


• Control Room Monitors include: 7 - 50" Panasonic Plasmas, a multi-viewer system powered by Maestro software, as well as 9 Ikegami camera monitors, and a 1 PGM/PST set.


• Cameras in studio are SONY 1500 2 HARD 2HH, and SONY 1500 3 HARD 1HH, and assorted lenses


• Router is an Evertz EQX, ME's 126/126 with 4 routers w/ monitoring in the production row.


• In addition, a 6 channel EVS, a 4 channel SMS, and 2 SRW VTRs as well as 2 CHYRON Hyper X associated with this facility.


• Personal routers and monitors are in positions for TD, AD, PS, Prod 1 and Prod 2, Grafx1 and Grafx2.


• Lighting and seating positions and assignments may be adjusted to suit the client’s needs.


• Large Library of Virtual Sets available

Our Brainstorm graphics rendering system provides real-time 3D graphics solutions for virtual sets, broadcast on-air graphics and on-set visualization for television and feature film production. 
Brainstorm has been the tool of choice for real-time election graphics for many of the world’s leading broadcasters. Brainstorm consistently outperforms competitive systems in terms of graphics quality, control and speed, due to the power and versatility of eStudio, which provides the highest quality illumination enabling access to many different customizable shaders and texture features including: Phong, Bump Mapping, Cast Shadows, etc. These powerful features provide an almost unlimited ability to enhance your on-air look and feel. We can specify the design, look, feel and decide the complexity of a virtual setup depending on the needs of the client. Data can be manual or linked automatically to other applications, databases, spreadsheets or real-time feeds. 
Brainstorm's eStudio offers a vast array of traditional 3D and 2D graphics: clocks, tickers, OTS, lower thirds, and full-screen graphics, as well as smart templates which can automatically look up data and redraw graphics accordingly. With today's full-time broadcasting requirements, reliability is a key concern. Brainstorm's eStudio, with over 18 years of development, is in use at the Broadcast Center in demanding 24 hours-a-day applications, proving its robustness all day, every day. 
For scheduling, costs and availability: 

Richard F. Solomon

Phone: 212-975-3525



Joe Duchaine

Phone: 212-975-6402